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How to Optimize my Website in Search Engines?

If you are aimed at enhancing your business and increasing your profit margins, it is imperative to have a website for promoting your products or services online. According to a current estimate, almost 70% of businesses have a dedicated online presence. Even if they do not have full-fledged sites, they have a brochure website for showcasing their offerings. The main purpose of these websites is lead generation for the business from various online sources. Again, there are others who partially conduct their business through a system of online ordering while also having an offline store which can be visited by people for buying their preferred products. Finally, there are some businesses which only operate online. They do not have any brick-and-mortar store which can be visited for buying a product or hiring a service. Whether it is an intricate shopping cart or a brochure website, you need a resourceful web designing Sri Lanka company for giving a powerful online presence to your business.

Qualities of a good site

Pre-SEO research and evaluation of keywords : At this stage, the keywords that are relevant to your business and likely to be used by your targeted customers to search for the products/services offered by you are identified. This is followed by preparation of different reports including those for site analysis, traffic analysis, competitive analysis and keyword positioning before the actual process of SEO starts.

On-page optimization : It is concerned with locating the several problems related to your web pages and rectifying them. The main idea behind it is to make the site more search engine friendly so that it can crawl up the SEO ladder of success quickly. This stage involves incorporation of meta description, meta keywords and meta title on all web pages, creation of engaging and keyword-rich content for each web page, alt text addition for every site image, HTML error validation, assimilation of Google analytics, robots.txt and static sitemap and confirmation of website loading time and its browser compatibility.

Off-page optimization : Here, quality inbound links are created to your site by implementing various techniques such as social bookmarking, directory submission, blog posting as well as commenting, article submission, classified ad positng, document submission, video submission etc.

Social media optimization : It has become an integral part of search engine optimizations now. Naturally, it also forms a part of our SEO services. All the leading social media platforms are covered by us including Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg etc.

We are also adept at developing new SEO-friendly websites. There are certain ground rules one has to follow in order to design a website that enjoys high rankings. We are perfectly aware of them so that we can develop sites that are fully optimized and therefore, ensure high position in all leading search engines.

Search engine optimizations are a vast area which incorporates several elements one of which is social bookmarking. It is a very useful method of increasing traffic. There are several social bookmarking sites where you need to submit your site manually and tag its pages frequently in order to see favorable results. These can be taken care of by us. Again, we are proficient in article writing which is also an important part of search engine optimizations. We are capable of writing error free content containing the targeted keywords in the right proportion. In short, our SEO services are all-encompassing and cover its diverse aspects to ensure sure-shot success for your site.

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Patience Personified " I know I have bothered you people a lot through my innumerable requests for making changes. But you people have been so patient with me. You made each of the changes willingly and every change you made only made the site so much better "
by Errol Jhonston, Golf Sri Lanka

Good spec results " You guys took great care of my customized spec, that too at such an affordable price. Kawdoco helped me with how to have an improved website with better and more functional features. I totally appreciate your professionalism. "
by Maduka Ratnayake.

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