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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kawdoco all about?

Since our inception in the year 2000, we have been one of the leading web design companies in Sri Lanka. With over 10 years wealth of experience in web design, brand campaign and e-commerce, quality and satisfaction is our guarantee. We are a professional team composed of high calibre staff that will not only meet your expectations, but surpass them. Our professional teams include Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Search Engine Optimisation Professionals and Project Managers. Our expertise includes:

  • Domain registration and management
  • E-commerce deployment
  • Site art direction and graphic design
  • Hosting and site maintenance
  • Database development
  • Development strategy and technical consultation
  • Search Engine Optimisation
web design faq's What are the kinds of websites you work upon?

We are adept at:

Static websites:

  • Basic HTML sites for medium and small scale businesses. We design a maximum of 15 pages of HTML that incorporate inquiry forms and small flash animations.
  • One PHP, HTML, XHTML, Swish tools, Flash

Dynamic small database driven website:

  • Small databases are used for the purpose of classifieds and land sale sites. Some pages can also be updated dynamically from the database. We have an admin area that frequently changes contents and has edit, add and delete functions for managing particular areas.
  • Swish tools, Flash, XHTML, HTML, Java, AJAX, MySQL, PHP.

Advance database driven website:

  • Pages run by dynamically advanced database facility, no static pages, website for special task and admin area with functions like intranet.
  • Java, AJAX, MySQL, PHP, etc.

Ecommerce websites:

  • They have database driven shopping carts with various online payment facilities. Users can buy products and services using credit cards. We work with SampathBank, HSBC and 2CO payment gateways. Payment gateways via local banks are also accepted

What about updates and changes in Kawdoco?

You need to submit all your updates like photos and text contents to our email id- kawdogroup@gmail.com. An extra fee is charged to upload the photographs.

Why don't I get a reply after I send my enquiry to Kawdoco?

We generally reply within 12 hours. If you don't get any feedback in 24 hours, then we may not be offering the service you had asked for. This also applies to all other queries that haven't been answered to date.

How can I contact Kawdoco?

You can email us your details or can call us. However, we prefer email as it makes business easier on both ends. Our email ids are kawdoco@sltnet.lk, susara@sltnet.lk, info@kawdoco.com, kawdgroup@gmail.com

How can I make my payments to Kawdoco?

You can pay through cash or valid cheques addressed to the company via HSBC or Sampath Bank. Overseas customers can pay online via Electronic Funds Transfer. In such a case, a client pays an additional 10% of the transaction.

Once the payment is confirmed, you would get an invoice and any other document from Kawdoco.

What about Kawdoco's data centers, configurations, servers and speed?

Our servers are based in the UK, USA and Singapore with an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. In addition, our local servers are hosted by Sri Lanka Telecom to meet special needs.

What are server side developments and technologies used by you?

We use Java, AJAX, Swish tools, Flash, HTML, MySQL and PHP.

What is your turnaround time?

It depends on the length and complexity of the project. Generally we take less than 3 weeks. Within this time, we also test and fine tune the comments and suggestions.

Do you do domain registration?

Yes, we do. Our domain registration is of the topmost level. We provide you a domain registration certificate on giving the following details:

  • Name of the company, address, telephone numbers, email id
  • NIC numbers or business registration number
  • Domain registrars like Go Daddy, NIC, network solutions, dot registrant etc.

Can I get only hosting services from Kawdoco?

Yes, you can. You can still get designs from Kawdoco even if your domain registration is done elsewhere. However, we do not offer domain registration services alone.

Tell me about the annual payments for packages

Domain registration charges and web hosting charges are charged annually while maintenance payments are made whenever the need arises.

Can web pages be updated on weekly basis?

Yes, we can. We update frequently altering pages like product pages, news area etc. Our admin area has delete functions, edit and add functions. In case you do not understand, we can also offer you tuitions.

Can I upload images from admin area?

Yes, you can, without downsizing the images as our system automatically crops the images so that it fits perfectly.

How can I get backups for my database driven websites?

We offer automatic data backup system for all dynamic sites. We send updates to your database via emails. As a result, the integrity of your database is maintained even when it collapses.

What if I want all feedback submitted and inquiry pages sent to my email id?

All feedback will be channeled to the email address provided. We provide you with all the feedback along with the date and time so that you are able to track all the feedbacks.

Can I get statistical reports and visitor counters for my site?

On request, we will offer all relevant user data pertaining to your website. We will also capture the keywords used by the visitors alongside the demographic data of the users and forward them to you.

Do you promote websites and submit directories?

Yes, we do. We provide you with Yahoo and other important directory listing. However, additional payment is required for Yahoo listing. Nevertheless, we do not carry out mail campaign and email marketing because it can potentially harm your computer.

Can Kawdoco redesign my website?

Yes, we can. You need to fill up a form and send it to us.

Is Kawdoco a registered company?

Yes, since 2004.

What are our current and free projects?

  • Hotel directory development in Sri Lanka (hotel promotion)
  • Development of web resource stores (promoting graphic and web designers in Sri Lanka)
  • Development of free wedding portal (promoting small business for wedding functions)
  • Free website for Sri Lankan photos; www.photos.Ik
  • Free website for land-sale classifieds; www.landsale.Ik
  • Free business directory and classifieds for the purpose of promoting Sri Lankan business; www.danween.com
  • Open source software for Sinhala web design (internet Sinhala language)

Why should I get my site hosted by you?

We are efficient and cheap and our servers are incredibly fast, offering you the best uptime.

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