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However, given the fact that having a website has become the norm of the day for all types of businesses, it is very unlikely that yours does not need to be on the web. Hence, if you are not planning on a responsive site, your business is going to get a serious blow very soon. Why? Because, websites do not look same in both desktops and mobile devices. There are various factors that differ, like the screen size, pixel resolution, optimized mark-up, click versus touch or tap, etc. Given the fact that most people are now accessing the internet through their smartphones and tablets, not having a responsive site is a sure shot way to lose on customers.

What is responsive website design?

To put it very simply responsive web page design is that which fits gracefully to any screen size-smartphone, tablet and desktop. You have surely visited sites on your smartphone that looked like a tiny version of the web-page that you see on your desktop computer. So, you had to zoom in, move the site around and enlarge or shrink certain sections to read and click. That was a non-responsive site; and it was not pleasant to be viewed and used on your mobile device.

Responsive web solution company Sri Lanka makes your site look good, irrespective of the device it is viewed on. We code or design a site in a way that it offers optimal viewing experience across all mobile devices. By optimal viewing experience we mean convenient reading and navigation with minimum scrolling, panning, resizing, etc.

Why Choose Kawdoco/ What are we famous for?

  • We keep abreast with industry developments hence our websites feature the latest technology.
  • We pride ourselves not only in designing websites, but also in internet marketing technology to optimize visibility to customers. Our websites also incorporate checkout areas and enquiry forms for innovative digital marketing.
  • We have a reliable team of customer care professionals who are adept at addressing all service-related issues.
  • We are an International Webmaster Association (IWA) award winning company.
  • Our extensive experience in the field of affordable Web page design helps us in understanding your requirements better and provides you with a catchy graphical layout.
  • We take time to understand your business before embarking on creating your website. We first study your business model, objectives and target customers to design an intuitive and catchy website; websites that your clients love coming back to.
  • The increased of usage of smart phones and tablets for internet access also requires that your website is accessible to these devices. Our web professional designers use the latest technology such as HTML5 that make our websites versatile to accommodate all devices.

Kawdoco Located in Amity Building, Maharagama , Colombo and one branch in Kandy Colombo Road.
Kawdoco offers responsive web solutions which includes: E-commerce solutions, database driven web developments as low as $499.99 including a domain name and super Linux website hosting.

What customers say about us? Testimonials

Impressive customer service

"The best thing about your company is your outstanding customer service. Considering fact that I am a bit fussy with my website, Kawdoco has been of great help to me. Hats off to your patience!" by Strve Donald

Precise service

"You people are so precise in your services. I have got exactly what I was looking for especially in the technical and designing aspect of my site. Your team has always been there with me persevering throughout the project. Your job is indeed well done." by Janaka Rathnayake

Why is responsive design important for your business?

It saves on time and money: You do not need to spend on different versions of your business site. One responsive site is enough to fit into all devices. With just one version, as opposed to one 'mobile version' and one 'desktop version', you save much time and money on maintenance as well.

Popularity of mobile devices: The majority of web traffic has been found to be coming in form of mobile device users. So, it is foolish if you ignore having a responsive site. 'One site for all devices' is the norm of the day.

User experience: Nobody likes to zoom in and zoom out or go on scrolling when they visit a website. So, having a website that is not responsive irks users when they view it on a mobile device. Hence, responsive website is a must if you do not want to lose on the huge amount of traffic that comes from mobile devices.

Device agnostic: Responsive sites are agnostic to their OS and devices. With a responsive web designing, you can offer users the most consistent experience on your website, no matter which device they use to view it. As a result, you need not build versions of your site for each and every popular device in the market.

Our responsive web development services are:

  • Designing and developing responsive websites that can adapt to several screen sizes.
  • HTML5 validated code (W3C markup validation)
  • Cross browser testing using Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.
  • Search Engine Optimization of your site

Why us?

At Kawdoco, we believe that it is user traction that determines the success of a web strategy. Hence, our main aim is to bring you more and more customers, so that you can achieve your desired ROI. We do not design only for its sake, but take things to the next level by offering you a perfect brand strategy, thus, giving your online existence a total makeover that can help you make a mark in your niche. Before we begin our work, our team of experts have a chat with you, to get an idea about your expectations from the site. All your specifications are kept in mind when your site is designed and developed, so that you get exactly what you want. The entire work-flow of responsive web building is kept transparent to you. Visuals regarding the site are send to you for approval before being sent for coding. We also do the entire work ourselves, as opposed to outsourcing the same.

Contact us, you will surely not regret your decision. According to Export.gov statistics , more than 5.2 billion mobile phones are currently in use across the globe.

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